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This course bundle provides critical insights into two specialized areas: optimizing athletic performance in relation to the menstrual cycle and effectively navigating the challenges of menopause. It represents a significant step in understanding and applying physiological principles for enhancing performance.

The first segment, "Optimizing Performance Through the Menstrual Cycle," explores under-researched aspects of reproductive physiology. It provides strategies for adapting training and nutrition to the menstrual cycle, ensuring optimal performance while avoiding issues like energy deficiency. Real-world case studies reinforce a practical, systems-based implementation.

In the second segment, "Optimizing Performance Through Menopause," the focus shifts to demystifying menopause, an often stigmatized and misunderstood life stage. This course covers the onset, progression, and impact of menopause, offering strategies to support and empower individuals during this transition. It emphasizes tailored approaches to meet the changing needs during menopause, with an aim to maintain and enhance performance.

Each course spans approximately 6 hours and includes comprehensive video content, case studies, and interviews, providing a holistic and actionable understanding of these topics.

This educational journey equips learners to push performance boundaries, applying specialized knowledge in female reproductive health and physiology.

Available Bundle Credits

ACSM 13.00
NASM 1.60

This Bundle Includes the Following Items

Optimizing Performance through Menopause
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Optimizing Performance Through The Menstrual Cycle
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