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In this course, Nick will discuss the basis for redefining the term agility, and provide an evolved definition and rationale for the term multidirectional speed. He will place specific emphasis on the non-reactive and reactive properties of multidirectional speed. Additional emphasis will be placed on presenting models that describe and categorize all movements and movement sequences contained within multidirectional speed. Nick will then present a 3-component model for coaching and cueing athletes/clients based on common errors observed during multidirectional speed. Finally, he will provide program design recommendations and considerations for the Movement Skills- Multidirectional Speed training component.

The multidirectional speed practical will provide focused movement strategies for developing the shuffle, cut, crossover, and drop step. Specific emphasis will be placed on instruction, error identification, error correction, and cueing.

*This course is also featured in the Exos Performance Specialist course.

Available CEUs: ACSM 3

Available Course Credits

ACSM 3.00

Learning Objectives

Identify and explain the difference between traditional definitions of agility and multidirectional speed

Identify and explain the component and sub-component speed qualities that make up multidirectional speed

Recognize the “coaching pyramid” and identify the most effective cues for improving the shuffle/cut and crossover

Identify and design effective movements skills programming for multidirectional speed

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Multidirectional Speed Course
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