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In this course, Nicole will discuss and define the role of medicine ball training within the context of a training system. She will place specific emphasis on the evidence supporting the use of medicine balls to enhance performance and decrease risk of injury. Nicole will then present a 4 component model for developing an individualized and training specific medicine ball session. Finally, she will provide program design recommendations and considerations for the Medicine Ball training component.

The medicine ball practical will provide focused movement strategies based on movement stance, movement direction, movement initiation, and ball type. Specific emphasis will be placed on instruction, error identification, error correction, and cueing.

This course is included in the Exos Performance Specialist Course.

Available CEUs: ACSM 3

Available Course Credits

ACSM 3.00

Learning Objectives

Define medicine ball training and list the four primary components

Identify and describe each sub-component within the four primary components of medicine ball training

Describe the performance and injury prevention benefits associated with medicine ball training

Identify and design effective medicine ball programming relative to individual differences and session demand

Course Content

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Medicine Ball Exam

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