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In this course, Nick will present and describe a technical model for acceleration in the context of linear sprinting. He will place specific emphasis on the physics underpinning acceleration mechanics and discuss the role of force, velocity, and acceleration. Additional emphasis will be placed on an overall linear speed sprinting model in the context of a 40-yard sprint. Nick will then present a 3-component model for coaching and cueing athletes/clients based on common errors observed during acceleration. Finally, he will provide program design recommendations and considerations for the Movement Skills- Acceleration training component.

The acceleration practical will provide focused movement strategies for wall drills, marching and skipping, resisted sprinting, and free sprints. Specific emphasis will be placed on instruction, error identification, error correction, and cueing.

*This course is also included in the Exos Performance Specialist course.

Available CEUs: ACSM 2

Available Course Credits

ACSM 2.00

Learning Objectives

Define terms and compute basic physics problems related to sprinting

Identify and explain how specific kinematic and kinetic elements relate to the acceleration technical model

Recognize the “coaching pyramid” and identify the most effective cues for improving the acceleration technical model

Identify and design effective movement skills programming for acceleration

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Acceleration Course
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