EXOS Education: The Science and Application of Whole Body Vibration

Discuss the science of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) and discover how EXOS implements its use into the EXOS Training System

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Join EXOS Education and Performance Specialist Tristan Rice as he uncovers the science behind Whole Body Vibration (WBV). Tristan will uncover the primary uses of and efficacy of WBV as a training modality, and then relate it back to the EXOS Training System (as taught in the EXOS Phase 1 Mentorship, and the EXOS Performance Specialist - XPS), and explain how EXOS utilizes WBV as a training modality. 

Learning Objectives

Within this course, you will:

+ Understand the mechanisms by which Whole Body Vibration through Power Plate enhances the neuromuscular and skeletal systems and the key benefits thereof

+ Understand the method of nerve and muscle adaptation to reflexive stabilization and how to confidently communicate this to clients

+ Experience the fundamentals of function and movement, and explore ideas for integration into exisitng programming and exercise prescription

Course Procedure

1. Enroll in the curriculum
2. Progress through each course
3. Print your certificate of completion

Course Content

Introduction to the Power Plate
Understanding the Science Behind WBV
Why WBV?
Integrating WBV
Introducing Power Plate to Your Clients
Whole Body Vibration Quiz

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